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Build your dream yard WITHOUT wasting money on repairs!

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Here's what you can expect:

Identifying Transparent


Navigate the financial landscape of your garden makeover with confidence. Our guide offers vital insights into transparent pricing, helping you foresee all costs and eliminate surprise expenses for your landscaping journey.

Verifying Licensed


Trust is key in transforming your outdoor space, which is why our guide emphasizes the importance of verifying licensed contractors. Learn to discern and select reputable professionals, ensuring your project meets both quality standards and legal requirements.

Functionality & Aesthetics

The harmony between functionality and aesthetics in landscape design is essential. Our guide provides practical advice on creating spaces that are not only visually appealing but also cater to your lifestyle needs, making your outdoor area a testament to inspired living.

Greater Sacramento Area

More than 30+ years designing

and building spaces

We're here to turn your

yard into a living space

Meet The

 Dream Team

Greater Sacramento Area

More than 30+ Years Designing & Building Spaces

We're here to turn your yard into a living space

Thank you Anastasia, Amy, Patrick, Hugo, Manuel, and the entire team at Bright Homes Landscapes for all your hard work in completing my backyard project on short notice.

- Phyllis N. 

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This is the highest recommendation I have ever given in countless reviews of businesses, products, services, etc. We used Bright Home Landscapes for a massive backyard renovation and had an extraordinarily positive experience.

- Christine E. 

We are very happy with our experience working with Bright Home Landscapes and would recommended this company to anyone looking to revamp their backyards.  5 Stars all the way!

- Sandy M.

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